10 reasons why Bitsing cannot fail

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  1. The Bitsing method is used daily by the most divergent organizations at gaining their aims – from a multinational with 265 billion turnover to a start-up.
  2. With the Bitsing method you achieve exceptional results; many percents turnover increase in dangerously decreasing markets are no problem and 300% increase is no exception.
  3. The Bitsing method is embraced and is instructed at universities worldwide – which have found scientific proof – and at Colleges.
  4. The Bitsing method has been accredited by the Ministry of Education Culture and Science of The Netherlands as a Bachelor education.
  5. The Bitsing method is part of the European Master program in System Dynamics, initiated by the European Commission.
  6. The Bitsing method is mainstream for three winners of the election Commercial Director of the Year.
  7. The Bitsing method is the only business management method in the world that can predict results verifiably.
  8. Many organizations have introduced a Bitsing department.
  9. The largest companies are practicing the Bitsing method.
  10. And the most important reason: you obtain your objectives guaranteed.

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