The 20 Bitsing rules

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The Bitsing method consist of 20 proven strategies and tactics which have helped businesses of all sizes to achieve their financial and commercial objectives, even in times of recession! The rules have been proven to be successful across a wide range of industries, sectors and clients. Ranging from golabal multinationals to the single entrepreneur and even Governments.

Here are the proven Bitsing rules that must be followed to ensure success.

Applying the 20 rules means that your organisaion has been Bitsed which means it will reach its objectives with a guarantee. Althought the 20 Rules have an surpising positive effect on the total business, they have 7 major effects:

  1. You will always set an objective that is crucial for the continuity of your business or organisation.

  2. Achievement of your goals will be ensured.

  3. The approach of you markets will be unbeatable and outclass competition.

  4. You will get everything out of every person in every target group – in order to achieve maximum results.

  5. You will only deploy effective activity programmes.

  6. The results of your actions will be predicted before rolling them out.

  7. Positive (financial) return is ensured.

  • Rule 1 – Communicate, because without communications no action, no results
  • Rule 2 – Never act on intuition, your action will not survive the competitive storm
  • Rule 3 – Don’t choose the wrong direction, you will arrive wrong
  • Rule 4 – Run your business to make money, not to spend money
  • Rule 5 – It’s not about what you think, it’s about what you need
  • Rule 6 – Bridge barriers, not your problems
  • Rule 7 – The money is in the message, not in the creativity or the media
  • Rule 8 – Be unbeatable
  • Rule 9 – Carry out with one voice, one face, one personality
  • Rule 10 – Make target groups conclude your messages
  • Rule 11 – Not all target audiences are relevant
  • Rule 12 – Help every person along the 6 phases of the Bitsing model
  • Rule 13 – Don’t give employees an objective, give them a task
  • Rule 14 – One action is not able to deliver what an other can
  • Rule 15 – Don’t make your problem the message
  • Rule 16 – Do not move until you see future results
  • Rule 17 – One source is not the other
  • Rule 18 – Never spend more money than your action can earn
  • Rule 19 – The moment of disappointing results is the moment of wrong timing
  • Rule 20 – Foreseeing is the essence of governance

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