The Bitsing-method

Bitsing is the world’s first and only method that guarantees achievement of your goals.

Definition: Bitsing is a (scientific) business management method that enables businesses, organisations, institutions, employees and individuals to seamlessly achieve their goals, with a pre-predicted outcome and (financial) return on the operations
and investments that Bitsing – for the purpose of obtaining the goals – tells them to perform.

In short: Bitsing means undeniably achieve goals, with an up-front predicted outcome and (financial) return.

Many businesses, institutions and other organisations are applying Bitsing and spread the word. Daily they are joined by even more organisations. Ranging from multinationals to the smallest, one-man operations were applying the method to achieve their objectives
- simply and easily, in a wide variety of business sectors and in challenging markets. Bitsing works for everyone.

The method has indeed helped many hundreds of organisations to achieve breath-taking growth in turnover and profit. In fact, it has achieved a wide range of objectives. It has also helped by maximising performance at minimal cost, increasing operating cost-efficiency without staff cuts and boosting employee performance. It assists in recruiting top talent and has effected behaviour change among stakeholders. It has even helped individuals to achieve an ideal work-life balance.

The Bitsing method proves its effectiveness every day. The academic and scientific worlds have also embraced the method. Bitsing’s revolutionary models have been taught at universities and colleges for many years. It is a standard part of the European university master’s training programme, funded by the European Commission. This programme has been set up by four, leading European universities to, as they define it: ‘Provide international students with the opportunity of solving real world problems and to learn how to initiate strategic change in complex organisations’.

Let’s start today on making the complexity of goal achievement – childishly easy.