Bitsing destroys the 80/20 myth!!!

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Bitsing destroys the 80/20 myth. It is common talk that 80% of our revenues come from 20% of the customers and vice versa that 20% of our revenue come from 80% of our customers. The thousands of Bitsing casestudies which are based on factual data has shown that this is a myth. What the casestudies show is that it is not as simple as this myth suggests. Instead, what is discovered is that there are six core datasets that represents 100% of revenue. The ideal split of this 100% over the six core datasets, that ensures the continuity of an organisation, equals 35%, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5% and 5%.

Bitsing goes down under!

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Spaces (Regus) Australia presents:


Sydney – 9 March 2018 (Last seats available)

Free admittance.

#1 Best-selling author, Frans de Groot, and founder of the Bitsing Methodology visits Australia and gives two of his acclaimed inspirational lectures about the world’s first business management model that guarantees success – The Bitsing Method, for FREE!

For everyone who wants to learn about the proven ‘Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth’. Experience how the biggest multinationals and thousands of entrepreneurs around the world reached their goals seamlessly and even grew by amazing percentages of over 300 Percent!

This event has passed, stay tuned for the next session!

FRANS DE GROOT is A #1 best-selling author and the pioneer of Bitsing, a business goal-achievement method that achieves breath-taking results. More than twenty years of scientific and practical research preceded his discovery of the method. Frans lectures on Bitsing in the European Master’s program, at several universities and at various tertiary colleges. With his business, The Bitsing Company, Frans helps thousands of people and organizations to simply and efficiently achieve their goals, every day.

Out now: Bitsing Book

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BITSING: The world’s first management model that guarantees success

By Frans de Groot

Businesses are on the lookout for the one methodology that singlehandedly helps to achieve their goals, and definitively addresses issues such as ‘what needs to be done’ and ‘which activities to avoid’.

With BITSING, a scientifically proven methodology, one is able to predict results by using facts in order to be 100% certain of achieving goals. This book enables factual insight into (positive) financial returns, in advance of executing strategies accordingly. BITSING can be applied by the biggest multinational to the smallest startup.

As a result of working closely with several universities, the methodology is scientifically validated, in addition to its proven performance within numerous organizations and businesses. Shell International, Hewlett Packard EMEA, and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen are amongst those that have benefited from this method, by using it to meet targets time and time again. Some have experienced exponential growth and reached the magic 300% level. This book provides valuable insights for CEOs, as well as financial, commercial, and marketing directors/ managers, business owners, startups, and students.

Frans de Groot is the founder of the revolutionary BITSING Methodology. Frans spent 20 years developing this method.

160 pages | 19 x 24 cm | paperback wit flaps | ISBN 978 90 6369 413 5 | € 29.90
Pub date: September 2016